Posted by: Daisy | September 2, 2007

And so it begins

It really started years ago. I can’t recall when, or what, or why, but I do know that this has been a multi-year culmination of experiences and thoughts that have led me here today. As I continue to refine my thoughts and begin to form a plan, I realize I need to start writing again and so here I am on September 1st, 2007… and it all seems so right and the natural thing to do!

Can you feel my excitement? Can you feel my enthusiasm? It’s as if the fog is lifting and the clarity and answers are right there in front of me. And in my old body and mind, I would have said “Why did it take so long?”, while my new self embraces it and am simply thrilled and happy to simply be and know it now.

I re-read passages I wrote from 2 years ago and I am in awe as I now have answers to questions I never thought I would be able to answer. Questions such as:

“Why do I keep having the same problems over and over again?

“Why can’t I seem to figure out the solution?”

“Who am I meant to be?”

“Why can’t I seem to figure this out?”

Yet here I am, and I feel as though I’m seeing for the first time. Breathing for the first time. Believing for the first time. And succeeding.

I’m in awe because I am starting to answer my questions.



  1. I love this entry. It’s late and I am too tired to read the others, but I promise to be back. I want the answers to my questions. Thanks.

    Thanks Michelle – I haven’t read this original post in quite some time, so thank you for bringing me back! Glad you could come by for a visit and just know I’m hanging around hysteria lane regularly though I may not always comment. đŸ˜‰ – Daisy

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