Posted by: Daisy | September 6, 2007

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic

I took advice from someone I trusted when I really didn’t know what to do. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do, and the logic seemed to be there. In hindsight, I realize everybody’s thoughts and beliefs are dependent on their perceptions of the world which can have a lot to do with their particular strengths.

In this particular case, the advice I got was in high school and choosing courses. “To keep your options open, take your 3 maths and 3 sciences and then go to university and figure out what you want to do”. This advice was excellent from someone who is technical – in fact, an engineer-to-be who’s strengths are in the math and sciences. However, for me, this advice actually made my path take longer. I struggled with 3 math courses I had a lot of difficulty with, and in fact, just took years longer to arrive at likely the same or similar place if I had taken some other courses that had been available.

I understand now why I took 2 english courses (in addition to 3 maths and 3 sciences). I always knew why I took music (for the pure enjoyment), but I explained away english as a ‘required course’ to help me get accepted into university. I understand now why I feel so compelled to write and efforts to dismiss it are only met with returned and renewed efforts to write again at a later date. This ‘frivolous’ endeavour that is under-valued in my culture just won’t go away even if I were to wish it away. Efforts to sweep it under the rug are useless and instead of using added energy to dismiss it, we should embrace it.

Thinking about something you really enjoy doing – is there a really good reason why you can’t or shouldn’t do it? What is really stopping you from doing what you love to do? Is it a barrier you, or your family, or society put up? Is it real or perceived? We need to stop looking at limitations, and reasons why we can’t. It is only in believing that it is possible, that we begin to see that limitations are not always real. Walls are scalable. And sometimes, you can even walk around them.

I hear too many people saying “If only”, “I wish I could”, “I only do this because I have to”. These are thoughts from people who do not believe they have a choice. Our path is in understanding what we really want, and dreaming of how to achieve it.


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