Posted by: Daisy | September 21, 2007

Time after time

“I don’t have any time.”

I hear this a lot. Heck, I probably say it a lot too. Somehow, someway, I find myself always taking on multiple balls to juggle, most of which are fairly important and requires intense increments of time. Yet, I smile when I take the moment to reflect on this because I realize I do this to myself. I do this on purpose! And even better, it makes me happy.

Huh? I choose to be in these situations taking on multiple roles and responsibilities packing my hours because if I didn’t, I’d probably be bored. More importantly, I seem better at managing multiple balls than I am at managing one. There’s something about the other balls, that allows the learnings I gain from one to be used to help another. I think it’s like how we can figure things out when we’re not thinking about it. Or, how we seem to get clues from our dreams. My multiple balls allows me to subconsciously figure out solutions that I would not be able to figure out if I only had one ball in the air. Now, how cool is that?

Back to the original question – how do you find time?
Although I’ve committed far more hours lately to my multiple projects, I still seem to be relatively sane, happy, and capable. The question should not be “how do you find time” but “are you happy spending your hours in the activities you do”. You’ll find that if the answer is “yes”, time does not seem to be a problem.


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