Posted by: Daisy | October 31, 2007

Be unreasonable

It has been a long few weeks since the last time I wrote, and I was a little embarrassed and ashamed. Afterall, my last post was about finding time and how we all complain we don’t have enough time, and my first thought at my return was – “wow, I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to write”. DOH! Am I happy with what I’ve spent my time on? Generally – a resounding YES. It has only been the last 2 days that I’ve been feeling an itch. That itch of “am I doing what I want to be doing? Am I happy spending the time doing those things?”. And of course, what can I say except that the last 2 days have been difficult. I have not been happy with what I’ve been doing, and I’ve had to deal with some bureaucratic bull in the past 48 hours.

Why do we accept this as par for the course? I read a quote that I really liked. It said reasonable people live in the world and accept it as is, while unreasonable people change it. Are you ready to change it? Are you ready to change *your* world? I already feel better and at peace. I’m continuing to change my world, and I’m enjoying it the entire way through.


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