Posted by: Daisy | March 8, 2008

How do you live your life?

Like many of us, do you feel like you’re running from one task to another with no time for anything else in between? Do you feel extremely busy and find the phrase “I don’t have any time for…” has already become a staple?

I don’t imagine life gets any less busy. It’s how we perceive it. If we begin to spend more time on the things that really count – the things that you really want to do, we magically find that being busy seems to lose it’s significance. When we’re doing what we already love to do, we would never describe that as “busy” with a shrug of our shoulders, would we?

When we’re in the moment, time slows almost to a standstill – we see, hear, and feel all the emotions. The moment could be as simple as going to a basketball game, and being dazzled by the experience. We watch with our eyes, everything from the players, to the coaches, to the fans. We listen to the sounds of the shoes squeaking, the fans cheering, the hushed silence before an important play. We feel our heartbeat. We get onto our feet to engage in a wave through the stadium. We’ve forgotten everything else – we are not thinking about issues at work, home, school – we’re focusing on a game, and we’re enjoying that moment to the fullest.

When was the last time you were in the moment and how can you be present more often? How can you turn every day moments into something more?

I’ll share a really quick one for you. I don’t always do this, but when I remember, it feels incredible. After I’ve paid for my coffee, my first taste is savoured. I am not walking, I am not talking. I’m not focusing on anything except the first sip. Quite literally, my world stops for a few seconds as I appreciate the aroma and taste.

We all need to find more moments to enjoy.


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