Posted by: Daisy | March 15, 2008

Feeling Alive

Emotional roller coasters have many feelings mixed in. From happiness, to anger and sadness to everything in between, they allow us to pinch and tell ourselves that we are alive.

I want to live every day with such life and adventure that if it turns out to be my last, then I will have no regrets. I want to have many intense and fabulous memories that I will have a hard time remembering which memory was the best because the truth is – they were all memorable for different reasons. And even if there are memories with equal deep contrast of sadness and hurt, I want to remember them for what they taught me.

Someone (whether you believe that to be God or my mother) gave me a body and a mind and I do not intend to waste it. I will not wonder what might have been and I will live life to the best of my ability. Afterall, how many chances do I really have at living it to the fullest? This is my chance. I’m not going to blow it.

You decide how you want to live yours.


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