Posted by: Daisy | March 22, 2008

The Freedom of Insanity

I read another book. It talks of insanity and the freedom that this label gives the person.

The proposition is that when you are labeled crazy, you can do whatever you want and no one will think much of it because, afterall, you’re already crazy – you’re not rational. Of course you would do nutty things.

I love this idea. I know some people think that at times, I have my moments that are “out there”. What justifies my ability to say or do these things is honestly, caring less about what other people think. It’s about letting go of the status quo, and what ‘normal’ people do in the situation, and what ‘normal’ businesses would do. It is about getting creative. In that process of getting creative, some outlandish ideas may appear but once in a while, we may find a golden nugget, and is that golden nugget not worth the effort?

We seem to be so risk-averse that everything we do needs the approval of our friends, family and society at large. I’d like to think I take into consideration what they think and then make my own decision. I know I’ve made decisions that others have challenged and come out on the winning end in spite of the obstacles. I’ve also made decisions that have not been as successful. I don’t take these as failures, but learning experiences, and for every success, most people have lots of other attempts. Success is not necessarily ‘hard’ – I think it just takes perserverance.

Sometimes, we give too much power to our friends and family and think they may know us better. You know yourself better than anyone else. Take a tip from the crazy and have the freedom to think and be and do, while not worrying what others might think. Besides, crazy is just another way to label unique. Be unique. Be yourself.


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