Posted by: Daisy | March 26, 2008

Deja Vu

Someone I know absolutely believes in destiny. What is surprising about him, is that you would think he’s the last person in the world to believe this. He takes control of his life and conquers everything he sets his mind to. He’s very much a ‘driver’ behind the wheels of his life.

So, when he tells me that he believes, of course I have to ask.

Daisy says… So, if your destiny was to find treasure worth 50 million dollars, why would you even go looking for it, when it will happen anyway?

He says… I don’t know what my destiny is. I don’t know if it is to find or not find that treasure. If I stop looking, it is for a reason. If I start looking, it is for a reason, and that was meant to happen. The only part that is missing, is I don’t know what is meant to happen.

Daisy says… Why do you believe?

He says… Have you ever had deja vu? I’ve had it a few times and everytime, it is amazing how clear it is, and I realize as it is happening that either this has happened before, or I know exactly what is going to happen next. I know exactly what path I am supposed to take next. It is as if something is guiding me accurately to wherever I am supposed to go.

Daisy says… I have and each time, I swear it is a scene that is not only familiar, but incredibly clear and accurate. You’re right. I know what will happen next, and I know what decision or path I should take. I’m only redoing the scene again.

Many of us experience deja vu – it’s strange and scary because we have no idea what it means. We can’t begin to understand it, and that scares us. It is particularly disconcerting for those of us who believe we take control of our own lives and make things happen in our lives. Yet, I love his answer – it’s simple. Of course. It makes sense.

Thanks buddy. I’ll continue on my way, because I feel it in my gut, and because it’s my destiny.



  1. here a year later from Little Old Me’s thoughts on destiny. I agree with your friend. Something will make you/drive you to do what you do.


    belleek – thanks for the visit, and I am so glad little old me posted about destiny because it was a nice reminder of where my thoughts are on the subject. I’m not sure I’ve come any closer to one side or the other, but perhaps destiny has it that I don’t need to be on one side or the other. Sometimes, the view is interesting on the fence! 🙂 – Daisy

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