Posted by: Daisy | April 8, 2008

Passion is…

According to Wikipedia, passion is “feeling very strongly about a subject or person. Passion is an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for anything and often requiring action.”

Others tell me I’m a passionate person and according to the description above, I’d say that’s pretty accurate. If I feel strongly about something, I do feel the need to act on it – and sometimes, it is as simple as communicating that message to others. Yet, many times, I talk to people who feel a passion towards something and yet are unable to act. They dream of what they would do, if they won the lottery, or what they would do with free time, or where they would go if they could take a trip. It seems we all have dreams and passions that go unfulfilled. Yet this is our own doing; not anyone else’s.

Why don’t you do it? What are you afraid of?

I know I have my reasons for why I may not act at times, and I try to minimize that fear of making the wrong choice. At times, the fear should be not in making the wrong choice, but perhaps the fear of not making a choice at all.

I encourage you to live your life the way you want to live it today and don’t delay any longer. Life’s too short.


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