Posted by: Daisy | April 17, 2008

80’s Memories

I teach fitness classes and the latest music includes a cover of the George Michael song “Freedom”. Of course, this takes me back to the 80’s where I remember fondly:

MuchMusic (the MTV equivalent in Canada)
Video killed the Radio Star
Madonna’s Lucky Star
Wham (what did it say on those shirts?)
Duran Duran – could they have been the first boy band?
Frankie told us to Relax
Cyndi reminded us Girls just wanna have fun
CD’s (bye bye tapes, bye bye Vinyl – damn – how am I going to play those records?)

We all have our own memories and I even have cool memories about other things like Diana getting married and having babies and not so cool ones like Reagan getting shot. What I’ll remember most about the 80’s are the friends who helped me get through the decade in that roller coaster ride we call life. Thanks for the music and thanks for the memories.

I leave you with an early 90’s song from George Michael called Praying for Time from my angrier phase when I was grumbling about other people not caring and acting. It all starts with you and me and it only took me decades to learn that one.


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