Posted by: Daisy | April 20, 2008

Sun, Water, Rocks and Water Guns

Friday was the first day this year I turned the AC on in the car. And before I turned on the AC, I rolled down the window and enjoyed the breeze.

What is it about the hot (warm) weather that has that immediate impact on people’s outlook? It is as if we remove not just our winter bulky clothes, we also remove the grim and sour looks from our faces as we smile at the sun and forget about our worries.

It’s Sunday afternoon and for the past 36 hours, the water guns, kiddie pools, swimsuits have all come out twice already as the kids have began their summer play.

For the adults (that’s me), I’ve brought out the music, drinks and food. Even the laptop is out getting some Vitamin D as I write this. Enjoy the first taste of summer. Yum.


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