Posted by: Daisy | April 23, 2008

A Different Artist

I remember many years ago in the mid-late 1990’s, my husband made me listen to some music. Since our musical taste does not always match, it was no surprise when I was a little concerned about what I was about to subject my ears to.

The artist was Vanessa Mae and the album was her first one – The Violin Player. I’ll be honest – I was sceptical when he told me Vanessa Mae played violin with a techno spin. Remember – this was the mid 1990’s. Another artist named Ashley MacIsaac, a Canadian East Coast fiddler, was also gaining media attention through non-traditional music, and controversial interviews. It was as if the violin world had been turned upside down.

“Violins are for classical music!” people said. Like many others, I had only been exposed to traditional ‘violin’ music when I played from grade 8 until high school graduation. These artists were messing with traditional sound!

Alright, alright – who am I kidding? I loved it! I could quickly see how both these artists were going to change violin music. It was going to open up the art-form to a whole new group of people and I could see absolutely no harm in that. I don’t believe in keeping things “pure” and in fact, think that Purity is like snuffing out Opportunity.

On that note (ha ha), I’d like you to consider what thoughts or ideas you have that may just change the landscape in ways no one else has tried? It’s easy to be a naysayer and everyone does it well – but that is the worn, well formed path. Take the tougher, harder road. I dare you to.

P.S. Here’s one of Vanessa Mae’s videos.

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