Posted by: Daisy | April 29, 2008

Getting Support

Whenever we take leaps into unchartered waters, there is always a part of us that needs to be accepted and supported by the people we know and love. It doesn’t matter if there’s been hours, weeks, months of planning involved, or a last minute leap into the unknown, when we’ve made a decision to go forward, it is always easier when we’ve got cheerleaders behind us.

We sometimes have an expectation that our closest friends and family will be those cheerleaders yelling the loudest and then are disappointed or stunned when they become naysayers sounding almost like they’re cheering for another team. In fact they are. They are cheering for the old “you” before you made that decision. Adjusting to change can be very difficult for some people and although they may be telling you what they are saying is ‘for your own good’ – don’t let their fears stop you.

They can live their life.  You can live yours.  Sometimes, support comes in strange ways and you need to surround yourself with people who support the decision you have made.  Period.

Don’t let those “closest” to you stop you from achieving your dreams.

Some goals are more easily supported.  See this one about Ice Cream Sandwiches

– Daisy


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