Posted by: Daisy | April 29, 2008

Learning as you go

We are all guilty of sometimes making decisions out of laziness. Here’s a great example of mine.

I had a blogger account long ago and when I decided to start writing again, I went back to my old blogger account.

What I loved about Blogger was

  • I could type a lot faster than I could hand-write.
  • I could sit at any computer hooked up to the internet.

Sounds a little archaic right? Sounds like I’ve been living in the dark ages, right? Absolutely!

Think of it another way – when you are looking for music that you can carry, some of us think of ghettoblasters, while others think of MP3 players. Life changes. Technology changes. It all changes. I’m still in the dark, but at least I can turn my head towards the light.

I know my lack of planning when I first rekindled writing has caused a bit of a headache and wasted time in switching over, however, someone once told me that there are three variables to the launch of any new product/service. They are:


Choose 2 of the 3. I guess speed is always one of my picks. Here’s to steaming ahead, and having no regrets as we learn from every bend in the road.



  1. Better give Doug credit for “good, fast, cheap…pick 2”! 🙂

    Doug’s always got the fewest words! I’ll have to remember to thank him next time. – Daisy

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