Posted by: Daisy | May 5, 2008

No More Rules

I don’t normally spew poetry.  In fact, I normally think in phrases and sometimes even full sentences.  When a flash of creativity seems to spur me on, I let it go wild even when it sucks – see below for 2 flashes regarding “rules” that seemed to burst out from within.  I apologize that I can not prevent the flashes of brilliance from blinding you and I hope you have as much fun reading them as I did in writing them. 😉

No more rules #1
No smoking,
No eating,
No drinking,
No sleeping,
No pooping,
No peeing,
No fun.

No more rules #2
Some people are strict rule followers
Following the rules of another time and place
Because it is how it’s always been
And we don’t stop to consider the change

When we challenge our assumptions
And battle the corporate wrath
We find we are heading towards
A new found freedom and path

We have a voice that’s loud and clear
We really have a say
If you’re supposed to be a monkey
You’d have quite different DNA

– Daisy



  1. A poet too? Very clever! Great to see you pushing the boundaries of your creative writing! Keep going with the poetry!!

    Thanks for your support! But did you laugh or smile? Daisy

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