Posted by: Daisy | May 8, 2008

Short Path to Bonkers

You make me feel so special
By telling me with a smile
Short Path to Bonkers
Is how you interpret my mind

It is with love, affection and devotion
To my thoughts and thought processes
You return to read these tumbleweed ramblings
That escape from within my fingertips

I appreciate your returning
I appreciate your thoughts
I appreciate your crazy questions
Like where did you get that poem?!!

Sigh. I say that a lot.
Smile. I do that too.

These poems and other writings
Are originals from above
Above my fingertips, you silly
Under my really thick, thick skull.

If you’re still not quite sure: All content on my blogs are original content unless otherwise stated. Thanks for asking.

The phrase “Short path to bonkers” was used to describe me today and in my flare for the dramatic, I decided to use it in this post. Thanks for the beautiful phrase!

Always remember my fictitious tattoo – “May contain nuts”
– Daisy


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