Posted by: Daisy | May 9, 2008

Survivor Bonehead Move

Poor Erik makes a horribly dumb mistake on Survivor and now guess what people will remember him for? No, not all the challenges and idols he won – no, I’m afraid he’ll be remembered for his bonehead move. The truth is we all make mistakes, but few of us make our big mistakes on National Television like Erik did last night. He claims he’s a fan, and yet anyone who knows anything about Survivor would not have made such a gaff. In fact, I’ve wondered for many seasons, why Jeff Probst even bothers to ask them if they want to give up individual immunity. “Get real – no one is that dumb”, I said to myself. Last night just left me speechless.

I have since found my voice.

I’ve been a Survivor fan since the beginning and although it has become a bit tiresome lately, I still continue to watch. What amuses me about the show is watching the social interactions between the contestants, and their strategies and thought processes. As a voyeur watching these interactions from the safety of my sofa, there are plenty of things we may very well say or do differently than the characters (yes, that is not a typo) on the show. However, we tend to forget that we have NOT walked a mile or kilometre in their shoes – we aren’t the ones who have been scrounging for food, sleeping fitfully with a camera on our every move living a strange existence for 39 days amongst strangers. We’ve even seen a few Survivors have a tough go of it, losing it mentally in this situation that is hard on the mind, body and soul. We laugh and judge from our safe homes because they make goofs on national television.

Erik isn’t dumb. At least I don’t think so. He just made a stupid mistake. I need to be more forgiving of people who make mistakes because I realize when I slow down to think about it – smart people make dumb mistakes under stress. I think it would be safe to say living the Survivor dream is definitely stressful. Kudo’s for all the Survivors who actually got ON the show to begin with – what an awesome feat.

And Erik’s bonehead move? Give the guy a break. We all make bonehead moves – remember how I got lost going home after school? I dare you to tell someone about one of your own bonehead moves and whatever it was, at least it wasn’t on television eh?!!

– Daisy



  1. I agree with what you’re saying. My mouth literally droppped open when he gave away the immunity necklace. I thought “how in the world can he not figure out he’s being played?” But like you said, I’m sure it is a trying time being out there for that many days without your family and comforts of home. I suppose you just want to be able to trust the people that are around you, and he’s young. He’ll wise up a bit as he gets older.

    Thanks for visiting! I thought for sure, the only reason they were editing it as such was to drag out what I thought we all knew was going to happen. Ahh well. I’m just anxiously awaiting for Sunday’s finale! I’ve always loved Amanda and that’s who I’m rooting for. – Daisy

  2. […] will stop watching it any time soon.  Way back in the previous season, I wrote about Erik’s bonehead move and again, I think what I find fascinating are the group dynamics of the show and how they make […]

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