Posted by: Daisy | May 12, 2008

If Survivor were real life, I’d be dead

I just finished watching the Survivor marathon.  I was a little surprised at the bitterness of the jury in the final tribal council:  from Ozzy’s judgement of Parv regarding trust and how she treated people she called ‘friends’, to a comment about Amanda’s lack of sincerity and award-winning performances, to yet another about Parv as a horrid example of a good role model.  Wow.  People were hurt.  And I don’t mean physically.  What happened to “Congrats on making it to the final two” or was that mostly edited out?

I think with these comments, the jury may have forgotten in the heat of the moment, just what Survivor is all about – it’s a game.  Real life is not quite the same.  In the real world, for the most part, you can trust the people you consider friends; some people are more sensitive than others, and most people aren’t out to get you.  Plus, there is hardly a regular event every few days to determine who is getting voted off.  Survivor is an intense and stressful situation and if it were real life – we’d all be dead far sooner due to stress-related diseases.

Another thing I love about the Survivors of Survivor is that there is at least one survivor for every viewer – we all have our personal favourites.  We watch them on a regular basis, and begin to ‘connect’ with them as if we know them.  It’s no wonder that many go on to use their celebrity status to help relay a message or a cause near and dear to their hearts. 

Ami’s charities – absolutely.  Survivor’s ongoing support of  Why not?  I think one life lesson of Survivor is that you use the skills and tools that you have in the best ways possible to get what you want.  In some cases, it’s about using your fame for a cause.  How’s that for a life lesson from Survivor?

– Daisy


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