Posted by: Daisy | May 12, 2008

My hottest single friends

I got an email telling me who were my hottest single friends according to an application called Compare People.  It’s this silly time-waster on Facebook – need I say more?  I get a lot of silly emails from Facebook applications that I typically ignore and I haven’t bothered to stop all the emails just yet.  I think one reason is because it sends me quirky little emails that I find quite amusing and helps give me a bit of a laugh.  For instance, who can’t help but wonder who your hottest single friends are?  Here’s what my email said:

“Daisy, here are your hottest single friends

* “Who is hotter”
1. Babe #1 (A points)
2. Babe #2 (B points)

* “Who is more desirable to date”
1. Hottie #1 (8X points)
2. Hottie #2 (X points)
3. Hottie #3 (C points)”

You get the picture.  Obviously, I’ve removed the names and points to protect the innocent and hot singles.  What completely threw me for a loop was just how many points, Hottie #1 had.  So of course, I start to over-analyze it (because that’s what I do) and try to figure out just why do so many people think he’s so hot and desirable with 8 times more points than 2nd best?!  Then I realize pretty quickly, it’s just plain math mixed with personality.  Sigh.  Hottie #1 is an extrovert who seems to know a lot of people on Facebook.  He’s young, his friends are young, they have lots of time to spend on applications like Compare People.  It’s a numbers game. 

Congrats Hottie #1 on winning a numbers game.  Congrats to Compare People for catching my attention.  (You’ve got to do a better job on the revenue generating side though.  Oops, inside business voice needs to shut up.)  Sometimes, it really is the silly little things in life that make us smile, laugh and destress a little.

I think I’m done with the silly posts for now.  Back to regularly scheduled posts next week.

– Daisy


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