Posted by: Daisy | May 25, 2008

It’s been a good 7 years – Part 2

This is not at all related to my recent post about my car incident.  It just happens to also be 7 years ago.

Happy Anniversary and thanks for putting up with me all these years.  I know I’m a little early, but why delay?  Thanks for supporting me, and helping me become who I am today.  Thanks for all the food, cuz you know I love food.  Thanks for a whole bunch of stuff which I am not even going to try to name because there really is too much to list and I have a fear of forgetting something important, like I don’t know, a child?

Thank you for the pancakes with whipped cream!  Yum, I’m still thinking about them!

I know you’re sore and tired from our weekend 72 hour madness – I am too.  To be honest, I’m exhausted and thrilled we got to experience that together.  I think it shows just how far we’ve come together in a strange kind of way.  Would you have ever guessed in a million years that we would go on training like that? And even better – going through it together?

It’s been an adventure with ups, downs, sideways, and even some vomiting too.  (Hey, don’t get upset, I was talking about me!)  I am looking forward to more adventures and fabulous stories that we can share in the future that start with, “remember when…”

And I know you probably won’t read this for a while cuz, well because I know you.  It’s not that important.  What’s important is if you keep bringing me the pancakes and whipped cream on special occassions.  Thank you in advance.  Happy 7th Anniversary.

– Daisy


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