Posted by: Daisy | May 28, 2008

True To You

I’ve found the elixer to happiness
It’s not at a lake or stream
It’s not a magical fountain
To be drunk in a goblet bejeweled.

It took me many years to find
As I searched high and low
I looked underneath every crevice
I asked the moon and stars.

It stood before me 5’4″
The reflection strikingly familiar
Still space, still head, heart beating
Happiness is found within.

True happiness everyday
Starts with being what you love
Begin the journey, be true
Happiness Starts With You.

P.S. I began this post in sentences to share how being true to oneself brings immense pleasure and happiness.  I tried and tried, and deleted and deleted and couldn’t quite find the right words.  Then I changed tactics and wrote this poem instead.  It essentially summarizes the message I wanted to say.  I hope you enjoy it.  It actually probably belongs on Fantasy Starts With You along with my other poems and fictional writing.

P.P.S. Like poems? I LOVE this one by an incredibly talented writer.

– Daisy



  1. That made me cry … and I don’t really know why. And the Writer Chick poetry … wow, it’s great too. Thank you!!

    Tears? Tears?!!! Certainly, that wasn’t the emotion I was expecting to evoke, but hey, I guess any emotion just reminds you you’re alive eh? Thanks for sharing! – Daisy

  2. Hey Daisy!
    Aren’t you sweet! Thank you.

    I love your poem – it definitely speaks.

    A shucks… 😉 – Daisy

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