Posted by: Daisy | June 1, 2008

If only you knew…

I began a journey that is beyond belief
When now I turn back to review
Just how much I’ve changed
In a few short years with you

You’ve taught me to dance like no one’s watching
You’ve taught me to make paper airplanes
You’ve taught me to tickle slowly
And enjoy the sound of rain.

I really find worms disgusting
Acckk, keep them away from me
In return, I’ll keep making up
Crazy monster stories.

I love how you look at me
I love how you smile and blush
I love how you run to me grinning
Thanking me for the Spidey toothbrush

If only you knew all the times I watched
Just admiring that and this
You’d think you were a god of sorts
Hero granting me a wish

You are my hero, my one and only
If only you knew how proud
I love you Monkey THIS MUCH
And I’ll tell the world aloud.

Dedicated to my guy.
– Daisy 


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