Posted by: Daisy | June 3, 2008

Single Mom Pretender

Today is the last day I’m pretending to be a single mom as my husband returns from his 5 day trip.

The last few days have been interesting and I’ve had a pretty darn good time with the little guy as we’ve bonded like any twosome would bond spending that kind of time together. I even had a date with the guy and watched a movie matinee in the theatre! 🙂 Most dates don’t crawl into your lap during the scary scenes though (and if they do, some people get a little offended and might have you booted out).

My scariest moment? When he begged and pleaded with me to get his swimming pool out of the garage – I had no choice but to try. Asking him to wait for his father to return would be like asking him to wait 100 years. I, the one who’s afraid of heights, climbed a ridiculously long ladder, pulled heavy items down a long ladder, and then eventually pulled a slide and a pool down the (did I say LONG) ladder without breaking my neck. PHEW. I left the mess in the garage because there is no way in this life I’d be able to carry those items back up the LONG ladder.

My favourite moment? Crawling into his bed and sleeping alongside him so that he’d wake me up with his ever angelic morning voice “Wake up sleepyhead”.

And the best part? I think he even enjoyed the time we spent together. Tomorrow, I will lose my status as the fun parent and be relegated back to the one who makes all the rules, but at least for the last few days, he saw that following rules, and having fun aren’t always mutually exclusive.

– Daisy


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