Posted by: Daisy | June 12, 2008

The short bus

Some days, even I believe I am riding the short bus.  It’s as if I have trouble keeping up with the speed, hilarity and ridiculousness that is uniquely, ME.

I am reminded of what inspired the title of my poem Short Path to Bonkers a short while ago and what it means when people tell me I’m nuts.  If I were to dissect it, I think all it really means is that I look at things in a different way.  I see the world with a different perspective and have an appreciation for looking at things in (hopefully) a unique way.  Sometimes, that way, is pure insanity while other times, I’d like to think it’s pretty sound and sane.  Afterall, I don’t make crazy business decisions while at work!

Isn’t it plain simple that you just need both and everything in between in order to be a well balanced person?

I don’t tend to be neutral, or beige or vanilla (unless you’re talking beige clothes and vanilla ice cream).  My message, whatever it may be, seems to be better received when it comes out grand, and with a flair for the dramatic.  I’m a closet DRAMA QUEEN!  Everyone learns the tricks of the trade and I’ve learned to have impact through more extreme messages than neutral ones.  That must be why I sometimes seem to be riding the short bus.

The truth is I think it’s way more fun on the short bus than any other.  Here’s to living life fully and not worrying what others might think!  🙂  Remember that insanity can represent an incredible freedom.

– Daisy



  1. I love the short bus – and I thought I recognized you from somewhere. Never leave the short bus for the city bus – I promise you will be disappointed. We all have our charms, and if others choose to see them as insanities, then I’d say, they are missing out on some fascinating interaction.

    Oh THAT’S where I know you from! 🙂
    – Daisy

  2. Yup! And besides they let you have frogs on the short bus. 😉

    ba ha ha ha – you and your frogs! Daisy

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