Posted by: Daisy | June 15, 2008

Why I like guys

No, it’s not what you think.

I happened to be wandering and chatting with people, and realized that I preferred joining the guy’s conversations over the women’s.  It’s not necessarily about the subject matter, (though sometimes it is), but rather, the approach to the conversation – they are easier-going.  Guys can have a physical fight with someone, and then be done with it and have a normal conversation and a beer.  Gals, well, they just hold a grudge.  Forever.  Until hell freezes over.  And then becomes fiery again.

Good heavens.  What’s the argument about, and from how many years ago?  Get over it and get on with your life.  The guys have!  They don’t even remember it!  Just how much energy is being used to hold a grudge?  How much of your life is lost by staying mad at someone for something they said or did 5 years ago?  Was it really that important?

Guys don’t get offended and they just stand around drinking beer and shooting the – you know.  I like that.  We debate, we discuss, we review, we disagree, we hold no hard feelings and move on.  Some ladies take things so personally and then you begin to worry and wonder if you should say certain things.

Wow.  That sounds like too much effort sometimes so I choose to talk to the guys.  I don’t have to worry or wonder what I can or cannot say because even if they disagree, I know they’ll still drink beer with me after the fight.

Take some tips from the guys and just move on.  Some things aren’t worth it!

– Daisy


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