Posted by: Daisy | June 20, 2008

Spam Help?

Congrats Daisy.  You’ve got 275 spam messages.  Someone help me stop the insanity?!!

– Daisy



  1. It’s an unfortunate fact of a blogger’s life. Spam cannot be escaped. You can only protect yourself as best you can and move on. I don’t even want to tell you how many spams I’ve gotten. Not to mention sploggers. Just write well as you do and cherish your readers – the rest is really inconsequential.


    Yes, you’re right. What’s a splogger, by the way? – Daisy

  2. A splogger is a spammer who sets up a blog that lifts your content and sends it out on their feed. Often they link to your post but it’s still crappy – they give you weird names like… Joobloosy wrote an interesting post today on toe jam and they put your link in ‘joobloosy’. Tre’s strange.

    Where you been lately?

    OH, that’s what a splogger is! I wondered about that, and why do they take the time to put those crazy descriptions into it?!! I just plain don’t get it. Oh well.
    Been really busy doing other stuff. I’ve got some ‘administrative’ things that need to get done and then I’ll be back soon. Thanks for asking. – Daisy

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