Posted by: Daisy | July 11, 2008

Checking for an alien pod

That’s what my husband said he was going to do.  This was in response to my questions to him this morning, “Would you like a breakfast sandwich this morning?” and “While you’re at the fridge, can you get me a glass of milk?”.  He thought someone had replaced his wife with this strange one who offered to prepare food and drink milk.

I made 2 breakfast sandwiches (toasted bagel with egg plus all kinds of veggie goodies) and a banana sandwich cut into an X.  No, I didn’t miss the “peanut butter and” in the description of the sandwich – that’s what the little one wanted.  He wasn’t ready to commit to a breakfast sandwich, but he tried part of Daddy’s breakfast sandwich and said, “hey I want one of those too!”.  Too late buddy, you wanted banana so eat it and forever hold your peace.

Tonight, the little one wanted a breakfast sandwich for dinner.  Oh my.  He remembered from the morning and he really liked it!  Instead, I made yet another concoction (I’ll write more about that another time).  He tells me, “yummmmy, I really like this!  Can I have more of those round things?” and I realize I can be a real cool mom once in a while!

I guess this is my pat on the back to say, great job on doing what you don’t normally do, and realizing it can also be very rewarding and fun too.

What are you going to do next?

– Daisy


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