Posted by: Daisy | July 21, 2008

A stagette to remember

Imagine attending a stagette where you’re graced with the presence of 3 firefighters, 2 paramedics and 2 police officers, all in a span of perhaps 10-20 minutes.  If you’re into the uniform thing, I’m sure that’d send your heart racing.  However, when instead, the visit has been prompted by a 911 call, the racing heart is slightly a different kind.

The sight of these emergency personnel was extremely welcomed and now that I know everything turned out just fine, I can relive it from a different angle, and even laugh a little – afterall, the police officer could, in fact, have been mistaken for a stripper if his uniform weren’t quite so official looking. 

Looking at the credentials of the guests of the stagette, there were a far larger percent of people capable of handling emergencies than would be typical – I’ve got my CPR, there were at least 2 others who also had their CPR and there were also 2 doctors in the room, one who was, of all things, an ER doctor.  Let me tell you, if I’m going to have an emergency, those would be the folks I’d like to surround myself with!  Yet, even with at least 5 people with various levels of knowledge in emergency tactics, I can state for a fact, we were all in a state of shock, and had difficulty moving smoothly through the appropriate actions.  Don’t get me wrong, we did all the right things, or to be more accurate, I let the doctors do the right thing and stayed out of the way and observed, yet, there was a seemingly out-of-body sensation where I watched the action and yet could not think to help.  I actually felt blank – I could not for the life of me think through anything that should be done.  I was paralyzed.

The only thing my brain could do was agree with the actions – yes, someone should stand at the front door to direct the 911 folks when they arrive to the room we were in; yes, they should continue to try to get her back to consciousness; yes, someone should get a blanket.  Whatever happened to my ability to think?

I was glad to know I was not the only one. 

I’m glad I have my CPR.  In fact, it’s time for me to renew it next month, and I think having gone through an actual emergency, will only help me retain the information better when I go through my CPR once again.  Should I ever need it, I hope that I will be better prepared and ready to take action.  I’m just really glad we had the doctors around to help guide us through it, and the support of our amazing emergency team of fire, paramedics and police to help us when we needed them.

I’m glad I wasn’t needed this time.  And if there is a next time, I’ll only be better prepared to handle it.  Are you ready to deal with an emergency should one come up?

– Daisy


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