Posted by: Daisy | August 11, 2008


How many beaches and docks can you go on in 48 hours?  Not enough it seems.  We visited 3 beaches and 2 docks and drove by a gazillion wind mills in 2 short days.  And by no means were they hectic days. 

On the most hectic day (if I can call it that), we went to the public library (for internet access), checked out the docks and the rocky beach and threw rocks into the water.  No beach trip is complete without my son needing at the last second to use a toilet facility so of course he left his mark on a nearby shrub.

We then purchased some fruits and veggies, returned to the cottage for the sandy beach.  Ahhh.  This really is the life.  When was the last time you took a few days?

– Daisy at the Beach



  1. I am thinking somebody in that picture had just a grand-ol time at the beach! Gotta love being a kid!


    I’m knowing that somebody had a grand-ol time – he’s going to be talking about it for another year until next time. – Daisy

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