Posted by: Daisy | August 11, 2008

Was that a compliment?

I’ve been on vacation with no access to phone, email or internet – not even a keyboard.  So, when the muse hit me, I decided to do it the old fashioned way – I handwrote the following about 1 week ago.

Someone once told me my writing reminded him of an author.  Oh yes, a real published author of multiple books and I’m sure a multitude of other things.  When he told me, I’m sure I must have blushed and thought that the kindest of words.  Afterall, he compared my writing to a bonafide published author?!!

My friend, who I’ll call Adam, would refer to this author I’ll call Edward and relay passages from the book whilst telling me how it was similar to something I wrote recently.  Well, I just had no choice really and had to see what all the fuss was about.  I’m sure you would have done the same.

I began to read the book and was a little disappointed and thought perhaps I just wasn’t in the mood for it.  I picked it up later and tried again with the same result.  Then finally, cottage reading is the time where I will read anything and everything – even the fluff and thought I’d try again.  Oh oh.  It’s not good.

Edward’s book is set up in a question and answer format and the way he answers some questions, he sounds like a real prick who’s a know-it-all divulging his secrets to the lowly folk who don’t know any better.  I suppose the subject matter is similar, but the approach – he just grates on me.  Here’s a brief example – it starts with a pretty good question.  He answers it with “You haven’t yet grasped the essence of what I am saying because….”

The book and I are not exactly compatible.  To be honest, I can’t stand the guy.  I sure as heck hope that I do not come across the same way since it is certainly not the intention.

I think for my happiness, I need to stop reading this book before I toss it in the campfire.  As for my friend Adam who recommended this book?  I am positive he meant well and his intentions were good.  He’s recommended other books I have really enjoyed.

– Daisy from the Cottage



  1. lol – I laugh at how you protect the names of the innocent on your blog! As someone who has lent, given or otherwise shared many a book that had meaning for me, I would say more often than not, it ends up not having the same impact that it did for me, not even close! Oh well, it’s not the ones that miss, but the ones that hit that make it all worthwhile.


    Agreed, the ones that are hits really do make it worthwhile. With respect to my protecting the innocent, I figure there’s no point in bashing anyone even if you disagree. Afterall, the published author has sold gazillion books and who I am to judge? To each his own, right? 🙂 – Daisy

  2. hehe agreed, no bashing. It occurred to me after posting, that it’s not even about the mismatched ones, because it usually ends up in an interesting discussion. When I give away a good book, I am not trying to ‘convert’ … I guess it’s about stimulating … if it ‘hits the mark’ or not for the other person, it can often do that.

    My preference would be for matches vs mismatches obviously, but you definately learn something from the mismatches too, so yeah, sometimes, it’s the fiery mismatch that will stimulate some cool discussions! 🙂 – Daisy

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