Posted by: Daisy | August 12, 2008

Me? Moi? Really? Meme

I read Mrs. V’s most recent Meme and thought, hmmmm, interesting.  And, hmmm, I’ve never done a Meme before.  Should I?  Well, here goes.

I am happy.
I think life has a way of surprising us in pleasant ways.
I know I was not always this pleased, and accepting life as it is can be difficult at times.
I have a lot to be grateful for.
I wish I could help others be happier.
I hate  evil people and stupid people.  Thank goodness there are only a few evil ones.  Stupid people.  That’s another story.  At least they mean well?
I miss people’s ability to free their minds and appreciate the joys of dreams and adventures that children are easily able to experience.
I fear missing out on life’s adventures and the little things that make you go wow.
I hear children laughing because they are not concerned about what will happen in 30 minutes, or tomorrow, or next week, month, or year. 
I smell clean laundry even though I’m no where close to home.
I crave 8% creamy thick yoghurt from Quebec.
I search on Google all the time.
I wonder why it took me so longer to figure so much out and if my life would have been any different if I had figured out any of this sooner.  Or was I simply not ready to figure it out any sooner than I did?
I regret nothing.
I love  my baby oh so much.
I ache for my knees of 15 years ago.
I am not finished yet.
I believe this world is a good place with good people – it just takes time to find all the really good ones.
I dance  when people are looking and we get a good laugh out of having fun.
I sing better in the shower, than anywhere else in the world.
I cry enough.
I fight too often.
I win horribly – sometimes, I am so excited, I’m too much.
I lose horribly – sometimes, I am such a sore loser.
I never, ever.  More accurately, “I rarely say never”.
I always enjoy a good night’s rest.
I confuse ignorant and evil people sometimes and give evil people the benefit of the doubt when I shouldn’t.
I listen to music often and will find one or two songs that gets played on repeat for weeks.
I can usually be found with my fingers on a keyboard, or sweating on stage with a mic.
I am scared of thunder, lightening, and creepy crawly bugs.
I need to be loved and appreciated.
I am happy about the life that is.
I imagine tree monster tales so that I can provide another story to my son.
I tag no one.

– Daisy



  1. Nice meme Daisy! I enjoyed reading it. 😀

    Thanks Mrs. V! It was because I enjoyed reading yours that I thought, why not? – Daisy

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