Posted by: Daisy | August 14, 2008

A little Birdie told me…

to stay away from others’ negativity and I got a real hoot out of that.  I asked the Birdie, “does it actually say that somewhere in these stacks and piles of papers?” referring to the gazillion tests and assessments that I recently completed; Birdie replied “yes, it does”.

This came as a bit of a surprise to me, because although I already try to do this in my daily life, I didn’t realize it would show up in my big ol’ assessment.  I guess it is actually far more important than I ever envisioned.

I have come to realize that when my surroundings are good, I deliver spectacular and incredible things that are more than what I or others would suspect I’m capable of.  I have surprised myself even.  Under neutral or negative surroundings, my results are mediocre with spurts of good and although my mediocre and good may be great compared to others, it’s no where near my capability whilst under the best circumstances.  When you see what’s possible, it really is hard to go back to mediocracy!

So, I try to reduce the amount of negativity in my life, and sometimes, the toughest thing is realizing that some people, are just plain not good for your physical and mental health.  You know who I mean.  Everyone has those people in their lives – the ones who make them miserable, raise their blood pressure and just plain push buttons.

People who only add stress to our lives and help splash grey paint all over our world impacts our self-confidence and can then impact our capabilities.  If I listened to them enough, I might as well sit at home and cry myself to bed at night because I live in a horrible world full of horrid people.  And if I continued to listen to them, I’d conclude the world, including my world is a dull grey.  Then what would be the point?  What good would or could I possibly want to deliver to this horrid world?

Our perceptions colour or dull our worlds to such a degree that reality is not the real truth.  People are not computers who can cut through all the clutter and look at things purely through a distortion-free lens.  We see, how we wish to see on a subconscious level, and it is our view that can be changed or impacted by what and who we surround ourselves with.

If I surround myself with dull people, I will see dullness in the world.  If I surround myself with colourful people, I will see the good, the colour and the roses of the world.  My world can only be in colour now because I have seen what I’m capable of in this world. 

Choose carefully who you want to surround yourself with and use a little less dull paint yourself.

– Daisy, who saw a beautiful orange and red coloured sky tonight



  1. That’s funny, you are one of the least negative people i know. Okay, maybe this can’t come across in tests, but I think people who are rather “direct” can sometime be considered negative. i.e. Short responses regarding bad situations can be viewed negatively, whereas a full on story with context around a bad situation can come across more positively. And heck, sure you can talk, but from my experience you don’t dwell on the negatives, which again, can be seen as a “short response”. Dunno if that makes sense, but I am sure there was a point in there. 😉

    Ooops! I’ve updated the post with a few extra words for clarity now that I re-read my post and see why you might have thought that. To clarify, my assessment did not say I was negative. It said I needed to stay away from other people who are negative because the impact to me (their negativity mixed in with my personality) is far more detrimental to my personal well-being than I ever thought. I guess I always knew that, but having it there in black and white is a bit of an eye-opener. Thanks for the comment so I can clear that up. – Daisy

  2. Ah! That makes way more sense. Don’t ban negative people from commenting tho eh? 🙂

    No problem – and not like you’re negative. Wow, how many negatives were there there?!!! – Daisy

  3. 🙂 i love to surround myself with colour, it makes me feel joyous inside … i couldn’t agree more with what you say about staying away from negativity, it tends to be contagious .. xo

    Yes, if people are going to be contagious, then I’d rather be surrounded by colourful, joyful people! – Daisy

  4. […] A little birdie told me about the impact of negativity and how important it was for me to steer clear of it. I realized that music happens to be one of my coping mechanisms and you’ll note throughout there are a lot of posts with a favourite music video here or there. One such post included a reference to a song I listened to while I pondered what really makes a home a special home and then laughed my way onto the short bus where I quickly realized acceptance of me – the crazy, monstrous me, was the only way to go. We all need to find ways to accept ourselves, just the way we are by accepting the monster within, and sigh – we then find peace, tranquility and a secondary benefit – lowered blood pressure. […]

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