Posted by: Daisy | August 25, 2008

Treasures in all sizes

Treasures may come in many different packages of all colours and sizes.  In fact, some treasures are not even tangible objects but instead are events, messages, and fleeting moments which, if they are not pursued, are forever lost at that time.  Sometimes, we realize years later that treasure was within our grasp many years ago, only we were unable to comprehend it at the time, and instead thought it just worthless.

I’ve on many an occasion wondered about the times where someone has tried to tell me something that I was not ready to understand at the time.  It was not until later that I realized the value of their words that I had misjudged at the time.  From thinking they didn’t know what they were talking about, or that they didn’t understand me, or that they were simply wrong – my attempts to turn away a goldmine worked because I just wasn’t ready and allowed my ego to get in the way.

I tried to give someone treasure today.  I met someone looking for work and overheard her talking on the phone as she followed up on resumes she had sent out in response to some job postings.  With some prodding she was able to provide me with some information about her target position and some example companies.  I tried to redirect her to some strategies including having a well thought out response to that dreaded question of “so where do you work right now?” as I overheard her flustered response on the phone.  I gave her examples.  I thought I tried to show her what’s possible and the worth of this treasure and why it was so important.  She wasn’t ready and tossed it out gently and nicely.

There are so many treasures right in front of us, and many times we are unable to see or comprehend their worth.  I need to slow down and not judge quite so quickly ideas, thoughts and strategies because in that quick judgement, I just may  throw treasure out the window, only to find it again years later and kick myself for having thrown it out once already.  At least I’m getting another chance.

Have you been throwing out treasure?

– Daisy



  1. gosh, i hope i haven’t been throwing out treasures .. i hope i have been cherishing them or at least trying too … xo

    Darlene, In my impatience and quest for speed, I’ve personally thrown out a bunch of treasure already! But it’s okay. We get many chances at finding more treasure all the time and as long as you try to recognize it, then you’re steps way ahead of most people!. – Daisy

  2. What’s that saying “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure”? It’s all the perspective, and for me stuff that comes easy (e.g. given to me) I value less than the stuff I worked hard for (or figured out on my own). Not always of course, but generally true. That said, some of my most valuable treasure have been given to me, mostly with simple comments, words or discussions, and I don’t think the giver was necessarily trying to pass on a treasure!

    Agreed – I do treasure the things I’ve had to work at. And also true, I don’t think most people realize they are passing on treasure. It was just obvious to me it was treasure because it was once passed to me, and I didn’t see it for what it was worth. – Daisy

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