Posted by: Daisy | August 27, 2008

Accepting the monster within


Wearing our mask, we hide the parts of us that we are uncomfortable with because we are afraid of what others will think.  These qualities, deeds, and feelings we have can grow into something quite unreal when subjected to our very own harshest critic.  Who’s value system are we really using when we decide that who we are is wrong or even worse, unacceptable?

For everyone who believes one thing, I am sure we can find plenty of people who think the other, and it is in the diversity of thinking that we have no choice but to accept ourselves as the unique beings we each are, monster traits included.  Plus, there are people who don’t believe those traits are nearly as monstrous as you might.  Think about it.  If society can accept a vigilante who protects the innocent and kills the murderous as acceptable, doesn’t that just mean there are people who accept murder?  Does your monstrous trait rival murder?

I think the real monster is being unable to accept you and the essence of you.  We all need to love and accept the monster within.

– Daisy is loving the murderous theme of the last few posts, all inspired by Dexter



  1. i really enjoyed the past two seasons of dexter ~ its amazing how thought provoking it is and yes i do agree that the real monster is being unable to accept you and the essence of you …

    Dexter gives me the goosebumps, yowch! And I am loving it, the cast of characters, the actors – it’s all good! – Daisy

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