Posted by: Daisy | August 27, 2008

Enjoying a Serial Killer

I have to hand it to those writing for the series Dexter – wow.  Someone recommended the series to us and we began watching season 1 recently.  I have to admit the first episode made me exclaim, “I don’t know if I can watch this!” in one of those high-pitched girly voices during a particularly gruesome scene.  They didn’t actually show anything, but you knew what was about to happen – something gruesome, gory and bloody.

It’s a show about a serial killer named Dexter who murders bad folks who have beat the system and getting away with murder.  He also happens to work in forensics for the police – his specialty is blood-spatters and knows a thing or two about covering his tracks.  I’ve been a little glued to the series watching at least 2 episodes a night (remember, I am not a big TV watcher running at less than 1 hour of TV per week for the last few months).  This is a really big deal for me to be glued like this awaiting the boy’s bedtime so I can engage in a little television storytelling at its best.  We plowed through the first series in no time flat with our hearts pounding and a huge grin on our faces as we took the opportunity to breathe once we realized we were all done with the first season.

Season 2 DVD came out in stores recently – lucky me.  My spouse and I were thinking the same thing on the same day as it turned out we purchased it on the same day.  He had to cancel his order since mine was cheaper and faster and already in my hot little hands.

I’m on disc 3 of 4 and trying hard not to keep going.  It is delicious and addicting in a safe way (it’s not like I’m hurting anyone by watching it) and it has almost made me come back to TV in a way I didn’t expect.  With the great storytelling and the continued build-up, I’m literally nervous with anticipation for the next episode. 

What ever happened to this kind of intelligent television?  What show gives you the goose bumps?

– Daisy

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