Posted by: Daisy | August 28, 2008

I’m Still Running

I remember U2 so fondly from their Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum days – it coincided with those high school years when you’re really not sure who you are, what you believe, and just where those emotions were coming from.  One of my favourite U2 songs has to be “Running to Stand Still”.
As I tried to figure out the mysteries of my own little world, I used to lay in the dark with the music on loud, whether on the stereo, or through earphones of a walkman.  The sound would surround me from head to toe, and I would shut my eyes to intensify my sense of hearing.  I would sometimes listen to the underlying chords, other times, I would focus on the vocals and lyrics, and many other times, it would simply become background music that allowed me to become introspective and reflective of whatever it was the music and lyrics inspired in my mind.
As I listen now, I realize I have come a long way since those high school days.  I have a much better sense of the who, what and where of my own little world.  Yet, I also know sometimes, I’m still running to stand still.

Why don’t you listen for and enjoy my favourite lines:

“You’ve got to cry without weeping
Talk without speaking
Scream without raising your voice.”

– Daisy


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