Posted by: Daisy | September 3, 2008

Labour Day = Hard Labour

We have this funny habit of doing hard labour on the labour day weekend.  I’m exhausted and so tired from teaching fitness classes every day (sometimes, double classes) and then heading home to sweat and grunt through the pick-ax and shovel used to work on the front and back gardens.

I literally fought weeds that were knee to hip height in a battle I’d like to think was pretty evenly matched, and won.  It was tough, but somebody had to do it – I only wished we had more help!

The front garden has been completely redone including an expansion that doubled the space while removing and transplanting the overgrown shrubbery, trees, and other items.   The back is still work in progress.  The good news?  There won’t be any major overhaul until the spring or next labour day weekend where we’ll feel the need to do hard labour again.  I think there just might be plans to build a back patio or something.. hmmm.

Happy Labour Day, Happy Back To School!

– Daisy



  1. What, no pictorial evidence?? It’s not that we don’t trust ya … it’s about seeing those results!

    I know I know. I haven’t had a chance yet. I will when I take the time to take a picture and actually get it off my camera. Daisy

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