Posted by: Daisy | September 14, 2008

Got it, need it, want it

I met up with a friend the other day and we caught up on the happenings in each others’ lives.  He was asking about mine and I described the latest antics of my son in his school with his new daycare and the adjustment that entails.  At the end, I said, “It’s absolutely wonderful.  What more could I possibly want?”

The truth is, if I took a few more seconds, I could likely rhyme off a bunch of things I’d like to have – more money, more time, less headaches, etc etc.  In my moment of clarity though, I knew the truth of the matter was that I’m so blessed with everything I do have, just the way they are.  The things that really matter are health and happiness and I’ve got that.

Expecting more.  Wanting more.  Needing more.  They only make you feel less than fulfilled.  I know others may look at my life and see the parts that are missing, however, I know my cup runneth over with what really matters.  Everything else will come with time and then I’ll be even richer inside and out.  How full is your cup?

– Daisy



  1. If I was the religious type, I might say, with great enthusiasm, “Amen sister, amen!”, but failing that, what do I say, but wow and couldn’t agree more.

    Oh dear. Am I starting to sound like that?!! 😉 – Daisy

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