Posted by: Daisy | September 15, 2008

Pick a pic

Oh what fun!  Got the idea from Writer Chick and Mrs. V and it was a lot of fun.  All photos from google images – whichever tickled my fancy.

Age you will be on next birthday












 Place you want to travel










Your favorite place
















Your favorite food








Your favorite pet





















Favorite colour combinations









Favorite piece of clothing










Clothing, Accessory, same thing. 🙂



 All time favorite song






You’ve got to be kidding?  Favourite song would be like asking which child is your favourite.



Favorite television show







Recent favourite would be Dexter.  Very close behind is BSG.


Which town you live in (or consider home)



Screen name/ nick name










First job

















Dream job






Yes, I know it requires an explanation.  Perhaps another day.





Bad habit that you have








About 2-3 times per year – I will bite off more than I can chew!



Worst fear








Things to do before you die










First thing you’ll buy if you get a million dollars










That’s me and my hubby.  We’re Canadian.  We met while working on a spaceship.





Present you want for next birthday



– Daisy



  1. Oh you did so good! Love your picture choices and so glad to see you back in the blogosphere again.


    Thanks for the warmth. It’s nice to be back. – Daisy

  2. Great meme Daisy! Loved all the pictures. The cat and dog signs made me giggle. 😀

    Thanks! I considered using pics of my dog and cat but decided on using only the pics from google image search. I was thrilled to find those ads for the Toronto Humane Society where I once volunteered. Daisy

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