Posted by: Daisy | September 23, 2008

It beeped at me

Sometimes, that last straw really spins what was once a rickety, but manageable balancing act into a crumpled mess of… stuff.

I was trying to balance a few things, and fortunately, it was all coming together cohesively.  That is, until the printer beeped at me and told me the toner needed to be replaced.  And that was the last straw.  It meant I had to zip over to another location to print an all-important document, to then get on the road, feed self without making a mess, and look unfrazelled arriving at the destination on time or even better, earlier.

The potential for mishaps multipled as the quest for keeping on time ticked away.  I began to wonder and worry about the arrangements that had to be changed for the doctor’s appointment, and whether I gave enough information for the babysitter, and the entire slew of events, and to do’s on my list.  I looked at all those other rickety parts on my cart and realized, I needed to find time later to learn new choreography, while also juggling the extra events in the evenings and weekend coming up.  Let’s see, Thursday night school council, plus evening out, plus Saturday double class, plus CPR training in the afternoon.  Not to mention the regularly scheduled evening classes AND special Saturday night.  This is not a typical week – however, seeing the calendar made me realize in a blink that I have absolutely no extra hour – not even 30 minutes – to learn choreography, or write.

Good heavens.  But, I breathe.  And I get perspective again.  It’s not that important.  I can learn it next week.  And I’ll find another time to write.

– Daisy


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