Posted by: Daisy | September 30, 2008

24 years later – Terminator

I can’t believe the original Terminator was in 1984.  I loved that movie then and got such a kick out of Arnold and the storyline.  I also loved what the writers did with Linda Hamilton’s character, Sarah in T2 and got her out of the helpless chick role to being the butt kicker with defined arms.  So, when you start with such a beloved movie and storyline, it goes without saying that you need to tread carefully when doing a follow-up franchise like Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles.

First off, I’m thrilled they simply started after T2 as if T3 never existed.  Let’s be serious.  T3 never did exist, did it?  I am finding the new actors on the series have done an incredible job of doing the character and then making it their own.  In other words, I believe.  I love all the terminators from the movies to the series and in particular, Summer does a fabulous job and rivals Arnold in T2 for likeability.

So how about the storyline?  I’m starting to get confused, and the time travel is making me time-lagged as they say.  So, really, how does the AI start, and did it have anything to do with time travel?  Although they can not physically bring anything in their travels, they can certainly build things and bring many future-state ideas like encouraging scientists to do and make things they didn’t think possible.  That’s changing the future.  So if no one did the time travel to protect John, is it possible it wouldn’t have happened?  Or is it simply that certain things are meant to happen, one way or another, and all attempts at changing that course will only be met by other events that will still ensure it happens?  A bit of destiny, yah?

And where is the present day John in 2007 when 15 year old John jumps ahead to try to prevent Skynet from starting?

Perhaps they explain it in a later episode, however I only started on Season 1 DVD’s and I’m liking it so far.  Thank goodness for DVD’s of great shows like this, BSG, and Dexter – otherwise, I really would have barely a thing to watch.

If I could travel ahead or behind, what would I want to do?  Truth?  I can’t imagine skipping ahead or doing a redo.  That’s what makes this life special, just the way it is.  I get to go through it once, and learn from it.  Afterall, if I’m going to make mistakes, I’d rather commit to them big-time and then learn from them.  I find it’s those big mistakes that really make an impact on the course of your life anyway.  Besides, what’s the worse that can happen?  I wipe off all the humans on earth in a battle between human and machine?  Get real.  BSG is battling that one and both sides are still around.

– Daisy



  1. Did you ever notice that the back in time movies usually have a common theme, where the time travel is limited to a few select people? And what a relief that is no? Because otherwise, if everyone could, you might wake up some morning with no job, because someone else went back in time and landed it instead of you, or maybe your laptop is missing, because it was borrowed back in time and not replaced, etc. Life would be a constant headache to figure out where you were at, and where you would be going! 🙂

    Yes, that is very true! I hadn’t actually thought of that. I’m already confused, and there are only a handful of people travelling. I’m sure at a small number of travellers, it could quickly morph their world dramatically and change all storylines! Ha ha. Gotta love it. Daisy

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