Posted by: Daisy | October 2, 2008

What we learn when it falls apart

Have you ever seen the writing on the wall?  And when you saw it, what did you do with that knowledge?  I’ve seen the writing on the wall a few times, and although I have not been surprised, even when it happens, it feels a bit like I need to mourn for something.  Perhaps it is mourning for the past when things were good and worked out well, I’m not entirely sure.  Whatever the case maybe, it is a time to say goodbye to one thing, and say hello to something else.

I find myself a little sad as I heard that a division is closing doors.  There are others who are likely in a environment of mourning for the loss of something that, although hasn’t been great, has also been their life in some respects.  I completely understand that this is actually a great opportunity to follow another path, and likely this path leads to healthier, greener, happier times.. however, for some, it’s a time of loss, confusion, and uncertainty.

Some people feel as though the time spent was a bit of a waste because they were unable to achieve their goals.  In fact, the phrase I typically use while complaining is, “Well, that’s X minutes/hours/days I will never get back”.  Sometimes, the timeframe is in years.  

A song came to mind as I thought of the fabulous group of people.  It is Sonny & Cher’s “I’ve got you Babe” – because I realize what I cherish the most is what I learned from a fabulous group of people and the incredible friendships that were made in the process.

Here’s UB40 and Chrissie Hynde’s version.

– Daisy



  1. Resistance at the end … that good ol’ human characteristic. Fortunately, we also seem to be good at finding the best of whatever situation we are in, or the very least, basking in all the fine colours of the events leading up to an end. Mourn we must, but we can always choose to find the joy in the next adventure!

    Unfortunately, there are many people who don’t find the best in whatever situation. Certainly, we can choose to find the joy, and I hope that more people can because I seem to have been surrounded by a few who wallowed in something other than joy for the last little bit (and the situations were all unrelated). Daisy

  2. Hey D!
    It is hard to take when something ends and you’re not ready for it. But new doors do open, they really do. In fact, I’ve just learned this myself recently in a most surprising and delightful way. And time with good people is never a waste. Never.


    Thanks Annie. I absolutely agree, and although I am very aware of it, I’m just a little sad for those affected. I’m glad you’re learning about the wonderful opportunities and doors that open up when you least expect it! Please do tell when you have a moment, yes? 🙂 – Daisy

  3. D,
    Email me and I’ll spill the beans. 😉

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