Posted by: Daisy | October 12, 2008

I only stalled it 6 times

15.5 kilometres, and 21 minutes.

According to google maps, that’s the distance and time it takes to drive from my father-in-law’s to my place and I’m thrilled to say, for the first time, I drove the standard car all the way there and back.  For background, I’ve had my driver’s license for what seems like eons now – it’s just that I’ve only driven automatic thus far.

I’m learning (or trying to learn) how to drive a standard car, and unfortunately haven’t had much time to practice.  I feel a bit like a ninny stalling it left, right and centre while tooling around my residential streets, but that’s as far as I have been willing to go alone.  I figure if I get the car stuck, my worst case scenario is I call home and say, HELP.  Walk over here and help me get the car back to the driveway please?

For the first time, I took the car beyond my residential streets and attempted the drive further.  15.5 kilometres times 2 is 31 km in total!  And I only stalled it three times both ways for a total of 6.  While out there driving though, I’ve come to realize that drivers out there are extremely impatient.  I mean, really.  Buddy – no need to honk at me, can you not tell I’ve stalled the car, and will get moving real soon now?  Trust me, I have noticed the light has changed, and I AM trying to go through the light.  Just let me restart the car, yes?  Did you notice all the lights in my car went out?  Did you notice that I seem to slow down without breaking?  Ah, yeah.  Standard car.  Some patience would be appreciated, thank you.

Yo, other buddy.  I’m on a hill.  Please give me space.  Please.  STUDENT DRIVER IN STANDARD CAR – that’s a sign I should invest in.  Do you think that would mean anything to a lot of people?

I’m very glad I’m learning, and I’ve been told that once you get used to it, it’ll be easy as pie, and become automatic.  In the meantime, I’m seriously just thrilled I made it both ways without stepping out of the driver’s seat completely in frustration because in my adventures, I have stalled it upwards of 8-10 times in the same intersection, simply unable to get it moving.  Luckily for me and others – there was no one else around.  I suppose perserverance has paid off and I’m finally getting the hang of it.  I only wish others would be a little more mindful and patient of those new (or even old) to stick-shift cars.

PS. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

– Daisy



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