Posted by: Daisy | October 13, 2008

I lost $10,000

Actually, I lost more than $10,000.  It’s just that on one of my financial statements, it says the current amount vs last month’s statement, and the number is around $10,000.  Of course, I get more than one statement.  In fact, in the same envelope, it tells me I’ve lost another few thousand from another account.  And I’m sure more still from other accounts.

I’m not even counting.  What would be the point?

I got a message from my financial advisor a while ago.  He’s a friend of mine and we chat about finances along with other things too.  I called him back and we started talking and he tells me that he’s calling clients to ensure everyone is okay.  I call him a ninny and say, “You’re kidding me right?  Have I ever panicked about the markets?”.  It must be difficult for him to make call after call calming clients down and ensuring they feel no need to jump off the proverbial cliff and after a while, you must wonder why you’re in this business where people think they’re able to handle the risk when it’s going up, but actually can’t stomache it when it plummets down.

Don’t get me wrong, $10,000 is a lot of money for me – it’s never a good feeling to feel as though you’ve lost good, hard-earned cash – however, I’ve got to put it all into perspective.  I invested in the market knowing that there will be ups and downs, and in this case, I can handle those waves – those investments are supposed to be for the long term, and I have every belief they are the right ones and ultimately, I trust my advisor.  It’s that simple.

Instead of standing on the cliff, I asked him – “Is it a good shoe sale right now?  Should we invest some more money into something or should we wait a bit?”  He loves clients like me.

– Daisy



  1. yeah, i’m not worried because really its just time 🙂 and i’ve got lots of it …

    Me too. Retirement is a long long long ways away it seems… Daisy

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