Posted by: Daisy | October 14, 2008

Clothes Fit for a Freak

I never used to like shopping for clothes.  For perspective, I was never in the camp that refused to go clothes shopping but for once every few years, however, I do completely understand the frustration that can happen when the clothes shopping experience is far from fun – it can get to a point where you just refuse to do it even though you may have nothing but potatoe sacks.

I used to find it extremely frustrating because none of the clothes on the rack would fit me.  I suppose I’m not the typical shape/size and all attempts would result in what seemed like a silly game of dress-up in mother’s clothes.  I understand why others would dress in baggy clothes, and sometimes, even men’s or boy’s jeans because – well, if none of it fits, it might as well just drape over and really not fit, right?  I could always use the excuse that it’s mens’ or boys’ – that’s why it doesn’t fit.  Because, who wants to admit that there are no women’s sizes that fit.  I must not be a women then?  I must be a freak?  Of nature?  Of sorts?

Sigh.  I’m so past that now, however when I was younger, it was definately a horrid experience when you’re trying so hard to fit in and be like others to find that you can’t even find clothes that fit you.  Just how could I be a wallflower and blend into the background if I can’t even find simple clothes?

Times have changed and I’m very grateful.  To start, smaller clothes have hit the retail racks – I think it has been the influx of other ethnic groups with smaller bone structures who have created that need.  Plus, it doesn’t hurt that technology has introduce new textiles that have done wonders for the style and have the flexbility of fit that modern day clothes and their wearers benefit from.  Having that tiny bit of stretch has made me thank the world for technological advances.  My clothes really fit better now!

Of course, another reason must be that when you’re happy, satisfied and content with your body, just the way it is, the clothes also magically seem to look better as well.  It does not hurt to be your own admirer of whatever favourite parts you might have.  I guess I’m just happy that times have changed, and my mind has grown up a bit as I realize, I never needed clothes fit for a freak.  I was just looking for clothes to fit the very special and unique me.

– Daisy



  1. I can never find clothes to fit, I am a (UK) size 20 and only 5ft 1in. It appears that if you are a size 20 you must be 6ft tall! I always end up cutting or folding the bottoms of skirts/Trousers and the sleeves of coats and lets not go anywhere near dresses with waists!

    Little old me,
    Yikes, that sounds tough – I can only imagine how frustrating that must be! Thanks for sharing. For me, I found that dresses were a little more forgiving than pants. To this day, I still have a little trouble finding pants that fit, but I don’t drone on about my grief like I used to! 🙂
    – Daisy

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