Posted by: Daisy | October 17, 2008

A Gift

My kitty disappeared yesterday.  He does this every so often as he escapes from the fenced-in backyard.  We keep thinking we’ve found his escape route, until he gets even more persistent and finds yet another one.  Pretty soon, he’s going to start leaping 10 storey buildings, and then I’ll have no choice but to leave him indoors.  I’ve got to hand it to him though – he’s getting more agile and smart as he ages.

So, he disappeared for a few hours and I kept calling out to him numerous times.  I walked around the neighbourhood looking and eventually had to just lock up the house and leave.  However, to my utter shock, the last time I walked out of the front door (and I must have walked out at least 3-5 times looking for him), I almost stepped on a dead mouse at the bottom of the front step.  It was lying on its side on my welcome mat looking almost like it had fallen asleep.  It wasn’t there only a few minutes ago.  You little Kitty!  Where da heck did you run to? 

Uggghhh.  On the one hand, I’m extremely proud of him – it’s what he’s meant to do afterall – kill mice and share them with his family, but on the other hand – I’m scared to death of these kinds of things.  I’m squeemish you know.

I left multiple messages for the hubby to take care of the gift, however, when I returned home later, I noticed the lump still there on the welcome mat.  Though he walked right by, and I had left the porch lights on, he claims that he didn’t see it.  He laughed at me as I opened the garage door and entered the house that way to avoid walking to the front door past the welcome mat.

Thanks Kitty for the welcome.  Next time, there’s no need to share your good fortune with us okay?  A good meow meow meow telling us of the kill would be sufficient.

– Daisy



  1. God that is so amazing as my friend Zelda has the very same type of cat. He never met a barrier he couldn’t somehow get through. I think when you have a super adventurous cat you just have to learn to live with it. And get used to worrying a little bit about them as a matter of course. The mouse gifts were sweet, albeit a little alarming for you I’d think.

    Wow. You decided to come up for air so quickly?!! 😉 Yes, I am quite proud of him and I suppose I have to learn to live with and accept that natural cat instincts in him – I guess I just wish he would come back home when I call him! Yeesh – maybe I need to do something with GPS so I can track his whereabouts. – Daisy

  2. I had a cat growing up that used to leave “presents” for us quite frequently. My favorite was when he dropped a grass snake at my mom’s feet. 😀 We lived across the street from school, and he would come and find me at school once in awhile. He was a smart, smart kitty.

    My current kitty (George) is only allowed outside on our deck and he’s on a leash. He’s pretty smart, but he lacks “street smarts” and I’m afraid something would hurt him, rather than the other way around, LOL.

    October is always a strange time for kitty’s. I used to volunteer for the humane society, and around this time, people would do horrid things to animals. Always always keep any animal indoors around halloween. Yes – I too am a little afraid that he would get hurt though I think he is a pretty street-smart kitty. I guess I just don’t underestimate the strange folk who do sick things and I’ve heard of way too many. – Daisy

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