Posted by: Daisy | October 26, 2008

Photos from the Car – The Farm

We go to the farm on a weekly basis to buy ‘shares’.  What that means is in the spring, we pay in full a lumpsum for a bushel of food every week for the entire spring/summer/fall season.  What comes in our basket depends on what is in season.  It’s been a great experience for the little guy and he is always excited about the weekly trip to the farm.  I am thrilled that he’s been able to see farm food (and not the overly pretty, clean and packaged ones found at the grocery store).  The strawberries come in all sizes and shapes (and tastes ever the more sweeter), and all farm food is obviously without pesticides because we gotta eat it FAST before it goes bad.  The trek to the farm, and what it represented was simply down to earth literally and figuratively.

On our last trip to the farm last week, I decided to bring my camera and get some photos.  You’ll note many photos are taken from a MOVING car.  Enjoy!



  1. What a lovely idea

    thanks! – Daisy

  2. Wonderful pictures. I miss my grandparent’s farm. **sigh** What a lovely idea for farm fresh produce.

    Yes, I thought it was pretty cool. I’m sure there are local farms all over offering similar ‘share programs’. – Daisy

  3. […] the Toronto Hen 6 11 2008 So you know we went to the farm for the last time a couple of weeks ago where we pick up locally grown food and support our farmers […]

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