Posted by: Daisy | October 28, 2008

0-80km, standard style!

Oh boy, was it ever fun.

I can finally admit for the first time, I drove the car like it was meant to be driven.  Almost like I knew how to drive standard or something.  If you’ll recall, I’m trying to learn how to drive standard and having some fun stalling it frequently.

This morning, not only did I get up at an ungodly hour to go to an exercise class that I don’t teach, I drove to it in the standard car.  Like a pro, when the light turned green, I went from 0-80km switching from 1st, to 2nd, to 3rd, to 4th in a smooth, comfortable, wowzers kind of way.  Dang, this is fun!  I’m really starting to understand what the buzz is all about when it comes to standard cars.

Wish me luck as I am going to attempt the highway shortly, and more importantly, tackle a tough parking lot.  Hmm, the parking lot is really freaking me out a little actually.

– Daisy

P.S. Latest update:  Oh boy.  I made it there and back with no issues!  Yeah me.



  1. i learned to drive on a standard, took my license in a standard and for the most part have only ever driven standards 🙂 LOVE them … the first time i drove an automatic, i was lost!! lol

    Darlene – I am really beginning to understand why stick shift drivers don’t like those automatic cars… also, it’s a great trick for keeping teenagers from borrowing your car I think… – just thinking ahead, that’s all. 🙂
    One problem. I guess I have to be VERY careful with the coffee when I get to that comfort-level – Daisy

  2. I love manual transmissions. I haven’t had a car with one since 1998 though. **sigh** I miss that little red car. Glad it went well for you.

    The hubby has taken that car 2 days in a row, and I’m starting to feel a little funny… driving the automatic just isn’t the same anymore. I don’t think we can ever get another automatic again?!!! – Daisy

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