Posted by: Daisy | October 29, 2008

Mr. Sushi goes Home

We’ve been busy making books and the latest round of books are so cool, I have to share them.  Each one has been about normal every day things that come to life.  Other titles include “Blueberry Muffin goes to the Store” and “When someone makes me mad”. In “Mr. Sushi goes Home”, each page has a very cool picture of sushi that my creative little guy (I’ll name him Michael, age 5) imagined, and drew.  The words are all his.

Mr. Sushi goes Home by Michael
Sushi 1 gets eatin by Michael
Sushi 2 gets lost in the woods but the woods are not real, it is really Michael’s body.
Sushi 8 was a robot that went out of conchrol.
The End

The best part? He asked me yesterday,
Michael: “What is an author? You know, like Robert Munsch?”
Me: “He’s someone who writes.”
Michael: “He writes? I write! I want to be an author when I grow up.”
Me: “Absolutely, you can do that if you want.”
Me thinking: Oh boy! My son wants to write?!!!

– Daisy



  1. What a wonderful thing! 😀 It makes the teacher-me so happy to hear about things like that!

    Tee hee, makes the mom-me happy that he’s creative, and wants to write – Daisy

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