Posted by: Daisy | October 31, 2008

Too good to be true

Gas prices are below $1/litre – I filled up at 92.8 cents yesterday and almost yelled “Yippee”

Temperature will be 16C on Halloween after a sprinkling of snow earlier this week – who needs boots?

Batman went to school and is hanging out with his buddy Batman.

Have a very Happy Halloween!

– Daisy



  1. i filled up today at .90 cents today !! it was shocking that i spent far less than i originally budgeted … and it is so beautiful out i can barely believe it 🙂

    hope your halloween was wonderful ~ have a beautiful weekend!!

    It dropped down another couple of cents! Yes, it was nice to spend a little less than expected, and the weather has been incredible. Halloween was super-duper warm and fun. I’d have to say, probably best one ever! – Daisy

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